CIAL VR Fire Safety

Christchurch international airport Ltd

Under the direction of CIAL’s subject-matter expertise Corvecto was hired to build with them for their Fire Response teams, a virtual replication of various aircraft scenarios deemed hazardous and costly to practice physically. The resulting application allows firefighters to train in a safe, responsive and realistic VR environment where they step through detailed processes otherwise reserved for emergencies.

Metrics are captured for each subject ensuring that objectives are achieved diligently each step along the way, providing comprehensive feedback for their supervisors to evaluate performance.


Fulton hogan

Fulton Hogan are an innovation leader in the construction industry whom value safety and quality as top priorities within their work.

By utilizing Corvecto’s VR training platform their employees experience the consequence of procedural failures through training modules which allow for an environment where their skills are refined and improved in safety. Practicing detailed and hazardous processes whilst in a virtual world has given them the ability to identify prospective knowledge or attention gaps in operators of complicated machinery whilst ensuring that the quality bar of their work remains high.