Who we’ve worked with

Below is a small sample of our client base demonstrating a range of training applications


Fulton hogan

Fulton Hogan are an innovation leader valuing safety and quality as top priorities for their work.

By utilising Corvecto’s VR training platform their employees are now able to experience consequence of procedural failures training modules allowing for an environment where skills are refined and improved in safety.


wyma engineering

WYMA commissioned Corvecto to create 1:1 digital replicas of the specialised machinery that they export to agri businesses around the world.

This solution allows them to radically rethink the design process and gives them the ability to provide tours of their equipment to prospective clients in VR from anywhere in the world.



GSK engaged with Corvecto to illustrate and educate their clients on operation pharmaceutical products such as the Breo Inhaler.

Using an AR enabled smartphone users are able to get a first look at how the medicines enter and subsequently interact with a realistic human body in “holographic” augmented reality.